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Why should you choose us?

Interesting design

Collections based on trends

We are up to date with the latest global trends. We draw inspiration by visiting the largest international trade fair and create collections based on modern design using modern materials.

High quality

Quality is the result of experience and diligence

Our priority is to care for the highest quality of our products. Satisfied customers for almost three decades are our greatest satisfaction.

Good prices

High quality at a reasonable price

We offer the best price-quality ratio in a wide range of designs and styles, thus creating the possibility to choose an assortment for individual needs.

The right effect requires the right CONTRAST

The history of CONTRAST began in 1990. We are a trading company with almost thirty years of experience, founded with passion for beauty and interior design. Our products are synonymous with excellent quality, modern design and functionality. We are currently an importer of high quality rugs and bathroom sets, as well as carpets, doormats and a wide range of other home furnishings.



A wide range of articles and textiles for your home?

A few suggestions that will warm up your interior

Fashionable carpets

Welcoming with style


Turn your bathroom into an oasis of comfort and relaxation

Bathroom accessories

Everything you need for relaxation and respite

Domestic textiles

Take care of the cleanliness of your home



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